Bits and Such

The internet is such a odd place full of odd things. Like the attic space of your eccentric neighbor who not only keeps their Christmas lights up year round but keeps burning them and sometimes there’s funny colored smoke coming from his chimney and all his clothes appear to be from the Civil War era and you aren’t quite sure if he’s a re-enactor or quirky but he enjoys bonfires in the summer and always remembers to invite you so he can’t be all bad. But I digress.

I’m an absentee voter so I’ve never had the luxury of getting an “I voted” sticker. Thankfully, the internet will supply.

If the election day coverage has you feeling stressed, have a calming manatee.

Neil Gaiman isn’t my favorite author but he says good things sometimes.

15 Writers’ Bedrooms. I am not surprised by Victor Hugo’s room.

Now go have a mathematically correct breakfast (or whatever dining option you prefer). 

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